A Great finish and a Good Start.

Thanks so much to all my friends, family, and the cool people I met out on the road for keeping up with this adventure.
Grace and I still can’t believe we made it over 11,000 miles!!!

A few notes if you would like to start at the beginning of the trip and read through in the order I originally published you can search the first days blog from May 21, 2007 type in “Hello World” and when that comes up you can click on it and then to move forward the next sequenctial blog is at the top right of the text with an arrow.

The trip really set me up with a great perspective on where I have been the last 10 years and some of the Outstanding accomplishments in that time, as well as a few of the kicks to the head that I had to learn from along the way.
It is great to be me and I wouldn’t want to trade with anyone!

All that heat and a pretty good diet along the way combined with some good hiking and activity allowed me to shed about 20 pounds out there on the road. I am working on keeping that going and maybe loosing a few more.

I would like to pursue a few avenues of writting and adventure travel that would be more sponsored and maybe with the help of a wide awake editor could be published in the future.
Amazing how the spelling and comma feature of your brain fails after 12 hours of riding in a day.

I am still amazed looking back at the blog stats how many folks were along for the ride.
Some days it was well over 2oo, some days it was at a minimum of 40-60 people.
See if I was smart I would have said “hey if you are enjoying this blog please send $10 to:
my PO Box 2354 Fort Myers Beach FL, 33902.”
Of course I wasn’t that commercial or savy but it would be great to hear from some of you awesome people anytime!

Well honestly I am back to work as a mortgage broker helping people get their Florida dream homes, and refinancing the ones they already have. If anyone you know needs financial services here in Florida please send them my way!
I would be happy to help them.

John M. Henry

Advanced Mortgage Finanacial
3309 S.E. 6th Avenue
Cape Coral Florida 33904



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