Across the Peninsula of Florida.

As I decided that to go A1A any farther down the coast was just going to be a series of stop lights at every corner and taking me into the den of the road rage capitol of America, Miami. I thoght better of running an extra few miles down south and headed across the Flroda peninsula. I was able to head nearly straight across on Hwy 80 from West Palm to Fort Myers, passing by the South side of Lake Okeehcobee.

One of the main uses for the water stored in the lake is currently to grow sugar cane. This is a picture of the endless sugar cane fields on the South East side of the Lake. A friend in Baton Rouge is in the Surgar Cane industry down in the Louisiana delta. We have had a good talke about the environmental and economic impacts of this kind of agriculture in Florida. Although in the end we both like cheap sugar in our coffee.flsugarcane.jpg


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