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I made it over Levita pass safe and sound of course as soon as I put on my rain gear everything was dry.

I am glad to have caught up on my Blog with pictures of the myriad of places I have been in the last week.
I was also able to get a new SD card with 512 Megs of memory or 8,000 pictures for my camera and a new card reader at Office Depot.
This was a great solution due to the fact that Radio shack and Walmart didn’t have the cord I needed to replace.

Tommorow I am going to get up and try to get going across Eastern Colorado and down along the Oklahoma Panhandle towards my Uncle Buds new Log Cabin in Mountain Home Arkansas.
I am hoping to get across the wonderful area out there that usually has a box on it for the tornado watch.
Tornado Alley here I come.

Good Night,
John M. Henry


When the goin gets tough; the tough stop for dinner.

Well after making it to Blanca I went through the small town and then just on the other side the black skies opened up and it started to rain. With the next 57 miles to Walsenberg up and over a pass I turned around and stopped in Blanca for dinner at LuLu’s cafe.sanluisv.jpg

San Luis Valley

The Sand Dunes National Monument here is where a thousand years of winds have blown the sands of the southwest up against Mount Blanca.
In Florida I have come across people selling the plots of land out here in this picture cheap only about $5,000 a lot. I saw a pbs special on a lady that bought in a place like this down a little bit farther South in New Mexico. She bought a Yurt and moved in. Had no road in or out, and that was before the snow fell. Then she found out all water needs to be trucked in, she needed a lot of wood to stay warm she almost froze the first winter when the temps fell into the -20 range. Then after she found the Coyotes outside were vicious when she had to go out for wood she bought a huge Pyrinese dog to help protect her.

Anyway it was a bit blustery to say the least for me.
I was singing amazing grace until I couldn’t remember any more words and I wasn’t exactly crying but I was not enjoying driving the bike at 55 mph in a 65 mph zone at a 45 degree tilt leaning into the wind and trying to go straight down the road.sanluisstorm.jpg

Across the Great Divide

The brass line that you can see in the picture in the middle of the sign and running under Grace’s front tire is the Continental divide. I am now headed back to the East.

greatdivide.jpgWolf Creek Pass Way up on the Great divide Trucking on down the other side!
Now if you know that song congratulations you have just dated yourself!

View down from Wolf Creek Pass.


Pagosa Springs

The hot springs here that bubble up in the middle of Pagosa Springs were known by the Anasazi, Navajo, Apache, and Hopi. The Indians believed that the waters had healing powers. The place smells like sulfer or rotten eggs in a way but it is not too bad.

One of my most memorable birthdays was when I was first dating Laura she brought me here to Ski Wolf Creek Pass, a small ski area that has no big resort but some of the best snow anywhere, and then we enjoyed the hot springs. There are over 20 different pools and tubs of various temperatures and sizes.

Chimney Rock

The Chimney Rock archeological site just to the East of Durnago is really makes you stop and think.
This would have been a great look out post. This would have been the gateway to the summer hunting ground for the Anasazi from Chaco Canyon.
The real brain teaser is did they keep a fire burning here like a light house?
From Chaco Canyon in New Mexico there are trails that go out from Pueblo Alto, but they all go to their destinations like Mesa Verde and Chimney Rock in a perfectly straight line no matter what! The trails go straight up and down over canyons and washes.
Maybe if you tried to follow the maze of water sheds & drainages out there you would get lost for sure, the only solution go straight. Or was there a light to guide them?